Here are pictures of various DJ's from around the world
who are dedicated to the music of the Mateki's.
Keep them alive by sending them out over the airwaves.
We love you!

(Note that there can be upto 100 pictures on each page, so loading may take a while...)

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Ailsa, from New Zealand.
Einar and Arne
Einar Flaatin and Leif-Arne Thorsteinsen
Kohn Melissen
John Melissen, from Zevenbergen
with Paul, and Henny de Pater in the background
Yvon Doumas
Yvon Doumas from France,
Anna Fermin, and his daughter.
Johnny Webers
Johnny Webers, Beringen Belgium.

Tore Haland from Norway

Frank Merholz, from Germany

Big Jerry, from TruckStop

Alex Pijnen, from
Bergen op Zoom

Arlene Renee from Florida
Tommy Dean
Tommy Dean, from Maine
Sean Ison
Sean Ison from Australia
Dave Smith
Dave Smith from England
Jos Robben
Jos Robben, Vechtdal FM
Jean-Yves Louis
Jean-Yves Louis, from Belgium
Harry Boerman
Harry Boerman from Holland
Anne-Lykke Elling
Anne-Lykke Elling from Denmark
John Burrows/Joy Adams
John Burrows and Joy Adams
from Australia
Jesse James
Jesse Woodson James,
from Belgium
Gary Barton
Gary Barton, KBEC 1390,
Waxahatchie, TX
Terry Phippen
Terry Phippen, from
Kempsey Australia
Eddy Bear
Here's Eddy Bear, from Radio ETC
Bert vd Wijst
Bert van der Wijst, from Holland
Herman Lamers
Hermann Lamers-Meyer from Germany
Peter Anderl
Peter Anderl from Austria
Mike Mikels
Mike Mikels, M-Pak radio N.J.
Herbert Fischer
Herbert Fischer from Denmark
Mike Gross
Mike Gross, Fairfield Conn.
Robert Dew
Robert Dew from New Zealand.
Estelle Bunn from Australia
Pat Fitzmaurice
Paul and Pat Fitzmaurice from Glin Ireland
Solveig Clark
Solveig Clark from Copenhagen,Denmark

Jennifer Hobson from New Zealand.
Doreen Christensen
Paul and Doreen Christensen from Denmark
Ray Grundy
Ray Grundy, from the UK
Lars Lindberg
Lars Lindberg from Mora, Sweden
Victor Gray
Victor Gray and his wife Dil
Radio Caroline, UK
Stuart Cameron
Stuart Cameron, also from Radio Caroline, UK
Peter Ahlm
Peter Ahlm, Radio Viking
Bruce Livingstone
Maureen and Bruce Livingstone
from Australia
Anita van Genechten
Anita van Genechten from Belgium
DJ Allison Pezzimento, OAK 101.3 FM
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia

Janne Lindgren (far right) and the
Country Minstrels, from Sweden
Kjell Parton
Kajetan Berezowski from Poland
and Stella Parton from Sweden
Tony "Slinga" Slingsby
from WYN FM in Melbourne, Oz.
Benny Sorensen
Benny Sorensen, from Tiger FM
Skagen Denmark

Bjarne and Kathy Hesselbjergaard from Denmark, with Paul

Country Roots, Marion Lacroix from France

Big Al Field from Triple U Fm, Australia
Bill Bodell, from Foxton, New Zealand
Gerry Warren
Gerry Warren from Australia

Audi Hack from CW Int'l, Rijswijk
Yvonne Bartle
Yvonne Bartle, Hawksbury Radio, Australia.

Trudy Burke, Melbourne Australia, WYN FM 88.9
Dj Arno van Kampen from Apeldoorn

DJ Michael Schroeter from Germany, Radio Herford (to the right)

Simone Topham and Rod Topham from Cumbria, England

Smoky Sheldrick, from Port Macquarie Australia
Kjell Horlin from Mora, Sweden

Paul and Dick Adriaensen, from Country-Time Radio.NL

Chris "Lone Wolf" Poort

Sandy and "Gravel" from Melbourne, Australia.
Dirk de Jonge
Dirk de Jonge from Holland
Colin and Elsie
Dj's Colin and Elsie Bernard from 3NRG 99.3 FM Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
Graham Wilson, from England.

Tony Slingsby from WYN FM 88.9, Melbourne Australia
Texas Trevor
Texas Trevor and Paul
"Texas Renegade Show" at KNON 89.3 FM Radio in Dallas

Ron Hoysted, Country DJ in Australia

Patrick Molis, from France

Gert Duncker from Denmark

Martin v.d. Laan from Holland,
together with Electa Winter

Country DJ Vince Laus

Abel Stel from Swifterbant Holland, and
canadian singer/friend Barb Marchuk

Ron Heny from Timaru New Zealand
Paul and DJ Tom Van Assche on Radio Bevel, Belgium.

DJ's from Diest in Belgium, Kick and Angie.
Ray Wells
Ray Wells from TANK FM in Kempsey, NSW Australia.
Val Baxter
Val Baxter, Radio2XX in Canberra
Marlene Lamb
Marlene Lamb and her partner
Robin Lamb
Robin Lamb, "Radio Woodville" 97FM and 88.3FM
in Pahiatua, New Zealand.
Janis Brown
Janice Brown from Australia, TASMAN COUNTRY SHOW, Bribie Island.
Kiwi Kate
Kiwi Kate, from
"Radio Woodville" 97FM and 88.3FM
Jean Pierre Jolly,
Radio Recontre 93.3 FM, Dunkerque FRANCE
Beth Brown
Beth Brown, Radio QBN-FM 96.7
in Queanbeyan, Australia

In memoriam: DJ Leo
from Belgium.

"Annette "s Heart of the Country", Plains F.M.,
Christchurch New Zealand

Beauty and the beast: Derek S.M. Cusick
from Western Australia with
australian artist Ronnie Rae Rivers

Claus Ringberg,
Dronninglund Naer Radio, Denmark

Bill Beerens from Australia

Dj Pete Harrison,
Michel Gandon
Michel Gandon,
RADIO GALAXIE 98.5 FM, France.
The Countryland Team, from
the Netherlands.
Max W. Achatz
Max W. Achatz from Germany
Eddy and Ria
Eddy and Ria Veldkamp from the Netherlands.
Jos Bierman
DJ Jos Bierman for Radio Beverwijk
Brian Amos
DJ Brian Amos from Australia.
DJ Fred Paul
Fred Paul, from Australia.
Sherryl Chilcott
Sherryl Chilcott and Adam Brand
from Australia
DJ Leif "Mulle" Mehlander from Sweden.
Joy Seebers
DJ Joy Seebers...TANK FM,
Kempsey New South Wales, Australia

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