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Here is a report about Paul's performances in Germany:

Paul Mateki in Germany and new location "Sunlake Saloon" at "Dette's"

Written by Sylvia Eyres

In July we had the joy and honour to spend a couple of days gigging with the Texan singer/songwriter Paul Mateki. To some of the readers and country fans this native English man with the smooth sounding, flexible and relatively high voice might not be unknown.

He has been travelling regularly for the past few years - not only to far Australia, but also very successfully in the Scandinavian-, Benelux Countries as well as England and Scotland and he is also to be heard more and more on German Radio stations.

Last year Paul and Helen had a number 1 hit in the European CMA Top 100 with "When the Rriver Runs Dry". Together with his wife Helen, who he builds the duo "The Mateki"s" with, they also belong to the most requested and played artists. The two of them are periodically found in the top 100 with their self composed and catchy songs like currently with "My One and Only" and "We"ll see Loretta at Kentucky State Fair". We can look forward to seeing Paul"s talented wife Helen on stage when they tour together in 2006.

We were lucky meeting Paul Mateki last year, at a relativly short notice concert in Herbert Hoppmann"s "Bistro Zur Schachtschleuse", where we supplied our P.A. system. He visited us spontaneously the following day, while we were playing a gig at Hank"s "Peace Valley" (now closed). He sang not just into ours, but into all hearts of people who had never heard or seen him before. The chemistry worked straight away between us, so we stayed in email contact and watched chart lists and airplays of Paul and Helen throughout the year. This way we knew well in advance of Paul"s 2004 European Tour and were able to book him for 3 Gigs in the Minden area. This tour has lead him since the middle of June through Holland, Sweden, Denmark (with festivals, radio- and tv-appearances) via Germany, later on to England, Scotland and Belgium before returning to Texas.

So we were not only guests of a Country-Festival organized by stationed British Officers in Hameln, but also took part in the big spectacle and fair "Doctorsee in flames" in Rinteln and played on Sunday at the new country scene location "Sunlake Saloon" at Brigitte"s and Detlef"s at the See in Lahde.

The first Gig (on Friday the 23.07.04 ) we did together with "Rockin Robin", went until nearly 2am and was for the Officers mess of the British army in Hameln. The 28th Amphibious Regiment had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. The "Sixpack" of the Texas-Liners-Minden-e.V. did a line-dance-workshop and soon had everyone hopping and line dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe" and "Quando, Quando". The "Texan Tourist" Paul found this amusing and even took photos with his camera.Later on he enjoyed lots of applause and admiration for his music. And straight away steps and turns were found to his plausible melodies and rhythms. Saturday, the 24.07.04 was an experience for Paul Mateki, not only with its massive fireworks and loud over the "Doctorsee" resounding techno beats. Due to the rather cool weather and the extensive choice of this event, it was a little hard for us to improve with typical country music. Still the listeners perked up their ears right away when Paul performed his first song "In the Arms (of the one I love) with rain and thunder introduction, and sang along with the chorus. Despite the fair guest congestion, the interest in the visitor with the cowboy hat and his CD"s and autographs was big, so we alternately didn"t end the evening until 01.30 h.

"Sunlake Saloon" is a relatively new location, managed by Brigitte and Detlef Streich. Their aim is not only to offer Country Concerts twice a month on Sunday mornings during summer and bathing season, but also in the winter time, in rotation with Herbert"s events at the "Bistro Zur Schachtschleuse". This way Line-Dancers, Country-, Oldie-, Coffee- and Sandwichfans have already been able to experience concerts with Baton Rouge, Steve E. Smith, the Crazy Cowboys, Sly & Paul and many others. After announcing, that a well know guest from overseas would be appearing on stage on the 25.07.04, are seats were quickly filled. First we got the people going with familiar classical, modern, and line-dance-capable songs. When Paul entered the stage he was welcomed with applause and whistles and after each title the crowd wanted more! Suddenly after bright sunshine and a blazing dance floor a rain shower destroyed a wonderful atmosphere. But thanks to many helpful hands the stage had a roof in about 20 min. and we could go on playing. Some line dancers continued dancing in the rain, others watched from inside, enjoying the music. So after another successful day the last note faded at about 16.3o h!

The weekend after that, we drove up to the eastern part of Germany to watch Paul play a concert. The weather was beautiful, we met a bunch of nice people, including Victoria, Paul"s manager from Demark, and we had a lot of fun. Of course we sang "Country Roads" with some other musicians and Paul. And here is another amazing story: We got to know a friend of Paul"s who was in a coma for 4 weeks and got woken up by Paul"s music"

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Paul singing at Radio Spijkenisse

Radio Spijkenisse, the studio

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Alan Jones of Country Night Noordewijk

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